Friday, May 16, 2014

We meet again old friend....

Well well well, we meet again....

I am excited to announce that I once again will be packing my bags and 
moving to play the sport I love.

Who: ME!
What: playing volleyball
When: September 2014
Where: Dudingen, Switzerland 

Before we get into the excitement of me going to play (which hopefully I still know how to riding a bike??) I want to give a recap of what I have been doing since 2011; which was my last year playing.

Menorca, Spain 2010-2011

Two words: Amaze-balls. Is that 2 words? 
I could not have asked for a better experience both as a player and teammate. Not only did we win the Spanish National Championship (BOOM!) but I was named MVP of the league. (Check out that golden volleyball I got - you know you want one)

Here is a link if you want to watch some highlight of on of the matches from the finals:

It was such an incredible experience. Only downside: I tore a bunch of things in my shoulder and had to get surgery the next fall.  I had made plans to go to Puerto Rico for the 2012 season, but once there it was obvious my shoulder was not healed yet. I stayed for 2 months and trained and strengthened my shoulder, but decided to leave. (aka I got fired...never played in a match so I don't feel too bad about it ;) )

I had a wonderful opportunity to move to Southern California and coach club volleyball, which ended up leading to another opportunity to work at USC as the Director of Operations for Men's Volleyball.  Long story short that is what I have been doing since 2012, mix in a little south bay fun and you have my life in a nut shell.  Here are some of my fav pictures and moments from the past few years.  I have made some incredible friends and memories. I will be so sad to leave but hey, the bubble will always be here. :)

I have no idea how I am going to choose only a few pics but I will try....kinda.

CAUTION: if you do not like fun, please do not proceed with the blog...or being my friend. kthanksbye.

Neon Bar Crawl! One thing you have to know about where we live is: we love themes. For any reason, or none at all, we want to do something fun.  Lindsey Hirzel (bestie) is the ultimate form of fun and in honor of me coming home from Puerto Rico she put together a neon bar crawl with a bunch of friends, new and old. Now it is a yearly thing and I look forward to it so much! Looking back at how many of those people are still in my life makes me happy <3

Fun Fact about me: I LOVE Vegas. I typically go more than a few times every summer.  Here is one trip.

This next Vegas trip was on another level. One of my favorite people of all time was getting hitched so obvi we did her bachelorette party in Vegas. It just felt right. Here are some pictures from the epic adventure.

-we don't really know how to have fun ^^^^

This babe and I at a country concert!

Family is very important to me. We are a crazy you can see it runs in the fam.

Crystal "slove" Matich got married last summer. It was the best trip I have ever been on. Friends, love, free booze, and sunshine. What more could a girl need? 

Beside another jump photo....

5 year marriage anniversary for Mrs. Kimmich was a MUST. Where do you think we went? Yep. Vegas.

NYE with these babes!

And we can't forget about 1/1/14....

Birthday fun! Thursday nights at Junkie and Friday nights line dancing'!!!

This thing called #yattiesandwood. Epic Ace Volleyball Tournament.  We were team orange. Not sure if you could tell or not...

The enemy....(BROTHERRRRR)

Action shot, tutu and all! :)

Random nights....

Neon Bar crawl #3! This is my fav photo from the day....

Whelp this was last weekend so I guess we are all caught up!!! (Guess where I am?)


Alright now back to the fun stuff about my up and coming adventure. 

It all happened so quickly, but I am really looking forward to playing and living in Switzerland for 8 months. I will be living in Dudingen, a small town (about 9000 people) about 15 minutes from Fribourg, Switzerland, which is about 30 minutes south of Bern. (The capitol) Everything is really easy to get to by train. I am only about 2 hours from the Alps as well. I am so excited to explore and of course visit every castle I can. I have a thing for castles. 

I have spoken with the coach via Skype and he speaks English. (thank the laawd) It makes my life so much easier.  The city itself is both German and French speaking which will be very fun. Dudingen is very close to both those borders, also looking forward to traveling to those countries as well.

Here is a map.  I am close to Bern. As you can see I am in the middle of France, Germany, Austria, and Italy. OMG!!!! Insert excited face here.

Last year the club finished 5th in the league.  Before that 6th and before that 7th.  Seems like they are doing the right things and I am hoping that we can continue the tradition and keep moving on up!

This is the blog I will be using while I am over there and I hope you all will follow along and feel free to live vicariously through me! ;)

Feel free to ask me any questions!  I will soon be able to post our schedule (for those of you who want to visit?!) and I think they also have a website that I will find so you can follow the team on that!



  1. HOLY CRAPOLA!!!!!!! So excited for you Kylie-luv. Going to miss you SOOOO SO SO much, but I know you'll be happy doing what you love. So excited for you...did I say that already? Loveumissu...starships were meant to fly!!!!!!!

  2. Just got around to reading this!!! So excited for you and your adventures! You will do wonderfully! Championship what?!?!? I want a golden volleyball! Looking forward to living vicariously through you. Go Kylie!!! (Sorry if this posted twice??)