Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Adult Nationals 2014 #thankschampagne

Holy heck that was fun!

I can't say anything else about yet again another amazing Adult Nationals experience. Not only was it so much fun, duh, but it felt great to play competitive 6 on 6 on a women's net for the first time in 3 years. 

And I didnt die. So thats a bonus as well.......

On the other hand....everything hurts. From my fingers to my right shoulder. (I don't even use that...what?!)  To go from not playing to an aggressive amount of volleyball over 4 days? Ouchie. 

The team I played on (Thanks Champagne!) was amazing. Great group of girls that love to have a great time on and off the court.  Here are some pictures from the weekend :)

We don't like to have fun obviously....

Linds doing her Libero thaaaang! 

And me doing mine!

The struggle was real...

Of course we like to have a little fun after we play...

 Jump photo!

Just being goofy!

So glad Kellogg came this weekend! It was a blast. Bringing the Southbay look to PHX.
Fannypack and all....

Leah getting in a power nap...

My favorites <3

Man we look good in neon!

Can't wait for next year...and for anyone that didn't get to go. Be jealous. 


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