Saturday, August 30, 2014



I had a blog previously while I was playing in Spain.
 I started off the whole thing saying something about myself and how this blog was…simply put..


 If you know me, I suck at spelling, (personally I blame smart phones 
and stuff because I mean,who uses a dictionary or actually practices spelling
 anymore….oh I can’t figure out how to spell a word? I type it into a text message.
 Oh I am slaughtering it so bad that even the freaking smart phone can’t figure it out? 
Whelp, I change the sentence). I will curse, (Again, if you know me, you know I am one sassy
 individual who pretty much always speaks my mind, whoops, also everyone
 knows where I get it..haha but seriously) and lastly, I will be trying to tell you all the little details
 about my time over here…I  dunno, but for me its a type of release to write about it and my feelings 
and I also know I love hearing about other peoples adventures while they are doing something 
they love so why not let others live through me?!  Long story long, deal with it.  I am going to make errors, grammatical (sorry Garrett) and spelling wise and may be long winded at times (like now)….
just gunna deal with it or you don’t need to read my blog.

 Sorry not sorry. Okay moving on……...Byeeeee!

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