Monday, September 15, 2014

Playing Catch up!

I have a lot to catch up on! I am going to do it in two or 3 posts because there is so much to cover.  When I left you last we had just arrived in Dudingen and were getting to know our surroundings in our little town, which now I am realizing just HOW little it is.  The fact that we can walk to pretty much everything just goes to show.....

I love how everything here is available by train or bus.  Makes everything SO easy. Also that we live about 5 minutes from the train station doesn't hurt either.  They run all day and late into the night so coming and going is easy, even for someone who has never traveled much this way.  I am sure we stick out like sore thumbs but I feel like we are doing okay. (ps when I say "we" I usually mean my roomies Desiree and Allison aka Dezzie and Mayf, get to know them, they will be in a lot of pictures and/or stories) 

So we got settled into our apartment nicely and found out where they grocery store is and I immediately bought a coffee maker. It was worth EVERY penny. It will be a nice gift for whoever is in the apartment next. #yourwelcome 

Said coffee machine

We had the first weekend off from volleyball but were able to help out at a tournament for a few of the other leagues in the area on Saturday.  Dudingen has this really awesome fan support and most of the people that work for the club do so for free.  For example: Claire, who was there to pick us up from the airport, got us to our apartment, helped us with train passes and showed us the ropes of living here, does so without getting anything in return.  She has literally made sure we stay fed, which mostly comes in the shape of baking goods. She makes DELICIOUS cake. If I come home 20 pounds heavier you will all know why. Any who, we went out that Saturday after working the tourney and here are a few pictures from that. As you can see my #selfiegame is on point here in Switzerland. 

Mayf and I being silly

All the foreigner girls! Left to right: me, Hahns, Mayf, Dezzie, Lucky) 

Hahns making some awesome faces per usual. Its the red lipstick. It does things to her.

So on Sunday the club had a team event planned for us.  We were able to walk to a small lake and get on a boat to see some of the area around us.  The walk down was gorgeous, of course. The pictures do nothing in comparison to what we are seeing. The colors are amazing. Everything is so green.  Here are a few pictures from that day....

Cool bridge we went under...


passed houses and everyone had gardens. So pretty.

On the lake!

Huge house on the lake

Some of the girls!

Mayf, me, dez, Marie

Awesome to say that I have swam in a lake in Switzerland. And I won't be doing that for another 8 months haha It was already so cold!

After the boat ride we hiked up the mountain to secluded camp fire area where our club president's sons were BBQ-ing and we had a huge picnic.  It was amazing. Wine was obviously drank. 

The picnic area was actually in someone that works for the clubs, backyard. So when we left we were able to take a road back home. We had no idea how to get home, but we knew the general direction so we started walking. This is looking at Dudingen from her house. Fields on both sides!

No open container laws here. So we brought the wine with us! Duh. 

That was the house we were at. To the left is the forest/lake area not pictured. 

I wish this was bigger. We got a sweet panoramic of the fields. 

Found some llamas on the way. Got photobombed by this fluff ball. I love llamas.

Pretty horses that were on the other side of the field and came to say hi. Then I got shocked by an electric fence. Wont make that mistake ever again. 

Sunset from our balcony....

Roomie love

One more with the llamas because I love them.

Next up: Our first preseason tourney to Nancy, France and our first official day off where we went to Lausanna, Swizterland for the day. 


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